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== Interlanguage cooperation == <!--T:24-->
The [[<tvar|embassy>Embassy#Wikibooks</>|embassy]] page provides a list of Wikibooks embassies - best way to contact other Wikibooks.
==== List of Wikibooks ==== <!--T:26-->
[<tvar|stats1>http://wikistats.wmflabs.org/display.php?t=wb</> '''External Source'''], dynamically sortable to any criteria, self-updating every six hours by cronjob
[<tvar|stats2>http://wikistats.wmflabs.org/displayw.php?t=wb</> '''External Source'''], generated wikisyntax, which manually is being pasted [[<tvar|wb-table>Wikibooks/Table</>|in this page]]
Note: This list includes closed wikis. The following Wikibooks projects are closed: <tvar|closed>aa, ak, als, as, ast, ay, ba, bi, bm, bo, ch, co, ga, gn, got, gu, kn, ks, lb, ln, lv, mi, mn, my, na, nah, nds, ps, qu, rm, se, simple, su, sw, tk, ug, uz, vo, wa, xh, yo, za, zh-min-nan, zu</> (44 total). This list also includes locked wikis, such as ang and ie.
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''Note: The Alemannic Wikibooks has been imported into the Alemannic Wikipedia. Now it's a separate namespace within als:wp: [[<tvar|als-wb>:w:als:Buech:Houptsyte</>|Alemannischi Biecherei (Wikibooks)]].''
== External links == <!--T:31-->